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Administrative Sanction

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Administrative Fine Imposed on the Responsible Person of JENISA BIOTECHNOLOGY CORP.

1.Date the punishment was imposed: January 24, 2019
2.Recipient of the punishment: Kai XX, Responsible party of Jenisa Biotechnology Corp. 
3.Legal basis of the punishment: Paragraph 8, Article 26-3 of the Securities and Exchange Act.
4.Facts of the violation and reasons: Jenisa Biotechnology Corp. convened the extraordinary board meetings on November 27, 2018 and December 12, 2018, and only notified each director and supervisor on the dates of respective meetings. However, the reasons for calling both meetings were not urgent. Jenisa Biotechnology Corp. was found to have violated the provisions of holding a board meeting under Paragraph 2, Article 3 of the Regulations Governing Procedure for Board of Directors Meetings of Public Companies, which requires that the reason of holding a board meeting must be notified to each director and supervisor 7 days in advance. 
5.The disciplinary action: The responsible party of the Company was imposed a fine of NT$ 240,000 pursuant to Subparagraph 7, Paragraph 1, Article 178 and Paragraph 1, Article 179 of Securities and Exchange Act.
Government unit in charge: Section Chief Chang, Ya-Chun, Corporate Finance Division, Securities and Futures Bureau 
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