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Our Mission
To promote the national economic development, facilitate sound developments of the securities and futures markets, maintain the orderly transaction of the markets, and safeguard the rights and interests of securities investors and futures traders, the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) establishes the Securities and Futures Bureau (SFB) for purposes of the supervision and regulation of the securities and futures markets and securities and futures enterprises, and the formulation, planning, and implementation of related policies, laws, and regulations.
Our Function
1.Supervision and regulation of public companies and of the offering, issuance, listing, and over-the-counter trading of securities.
2.Supervision and regulation of the review and trading of futures trading contracts.
3.Supervision and regulation of securities and futures enterprises.
4.Supervision and regulation of foreign investment in domestic securities and futures markets.
5.Supervision and regulation of securities industry associations, futures industry associations, and related foundations.
6.Supervision and regulation of securities investment trust funds and securities margin transactions.
7.Supervision and regulation of the auditing and attestation of financial reports of public companies by certified public accountants.
8.Protection of securities investors and futures traders.
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