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Licensed Market Participants

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Lists of Licensed Market Participants:
 1.Securities Firms (2019-07-01, xlsx, ods)
 2.Futures Enterprises (2019-10-01, docx, odt)
 3.Securities Investment Trust Enterprises (2019-10-01, doc, odt)
 4.Securities Investment Consulting Enterprises (2019-10-01, doc, odt)
 5.Securities Finance Enterprises (2019-10-01, doc, odt)
 6.Credit Rating Agencies (2018-02-27, Chinese version only, xls , ods)
Securities Firms:
 4.Regulatory Capital Adequacy Ratio and Risk Management Data of Securities Firms
  ● Risk Management Data of Securities Firms (Chinese version only)
Futures Commission Merchants (FCM):
 3.Futures Trust Fund Clear (Chinese version only)
Securities Investment Trust Enterprises & Securities Finance Enterprises:
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