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Administrative Sanction

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Sanction on Hua Nan Futures Co., Ltd., for Violation of Laws and Regulations Governing Futures Business

1.   Date the fine was imposed: December 27, 2021.
2.   Recipient of the fine: Hua Nan Futures Co., Ltd. (hereinafter " Hua Nan Futures ").
3.   Legal basis for the sanction: Paragraph 2, Article 2 of the Regulations Governing Futures Commission Merchants.
4.   Facts of the violation and reasons: Hua Nan Futures did not check  the order placing records of its associated persons with all futures traders of the firm regarding whether there was any conflict of interest involved. This is non-compliant with the provisions of the firm's internal control system and is verified to have violated the futures management laws and regulations.
5.   Resulting fine: An administrative fine of NT$240,000 was imposed on Hua Nan Futures in accordance with subparagraph 2, paragraph 1, Article 119 of the Futures Trading Act.
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