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Important Measure September 2018

一、The promotion of continuous trading on the securities market, with operations set to begin on March 23, 2020
On September 3, 2018 the FSC announced that the continuous trading system will be promoted to increase trading efficiency and information transparency on the securities market overall and to align with international practices. After discussing overall planning with Taiwan Stock Exchange (“TWSE”), Taipei Exchange (“TPEx”) and the Taiwan Securities Association, and reaching a consensus on the promotion of continuous trading, the system is expected to become operational on March 23, 2020, allowing securities firms and investors to have sufficient time to prepare.
As the promotion of continuous trading system is a major market reform and involves quite a few different aspects, TWSE and TPEx have been asked to carefully implement system establishment and testing and, together with the Taiwan Securities Association, to carry out advocacy directed at securities firm employees and investors to facilitate the implementation of the system.
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