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Important Measure July 2022

1.Barclays Bank PLC Receives Regulatory Approval for Taiwan Subsidiary「Barclays Securities Taiwan Ltd (BSTL)」(2022/7/20)
The Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) has approved Barclays Bank PLC’s application to establish a subsidiary in Taiwan. Barclays Securities Taiwan Ltd (BSTL), will provide securities brokerage and underwriting services. 
BSTL will have paid-in capital of NT$ 1 billion. Under relevant regulations, BSTL’s corporate registration procedures and application for issuance of its business license must be completed within 6 months from the FSC’s approval of its establishment. 

2.Milestones in the Futures Market Earlier this Year: Two New Futures Products were Launched and the Scope of Futures Night Trading Expanded (2022/7/21)
To provide futures traders with more diverse products, the FSC supervised the Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX)’s launch of two new products on June 27th this year: Taiwan Semiconductor 30 Futures (SOF) and Shipping and Transportation Sector Futures (SHF). These products are designed to meet trader demand and provide hedging vehicles for the semiconductor,  shipping and transportation industries. The contract specifications and other details of these products can be found on the website of the TAIFEX. 
On June 27th, the TAIFEX added ETF futures to the range of products for night trading. Stock futures products (including ETF futures) have grown in trading volume in recent years and are now mainstays on the futures market. Including ETF futures in night trading will provide ETF investors with more direct hedging vehicles, enabling them to flexibly adjust their positions for changes in international markets and reduce overnight risk. Night trading is also available for a range of other futures products such as TAIEX, Mini-TAIEX, Electronics Sector, and Mini Electronics Sector Futures, allowing investors to employ strategies such as inter-commodity spreads.
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