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New Southbound Policy assistance measure

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1.To support the New Southbound Policy of the Executive Yuan, the FSC has actively promoted "counseling overseas Taiwanese companies to use domestic capital market to raise funds" plan. Taiwan Stock Exchange and Taipei Exchange will hold seminars in New Southbound countries and Visit overseas Taiwanese companies, encouraging them to list in Taiwan. To support its real economic development and increase the degree of internationalization of its capital market, in order to activate its domestic capital market, provide more investment options for the public.
2.Taiwan Stock Exchange and Taipei Exchange have appointed contact person for dedicated guidance who will answer queries from overseas Taiwanese companies when needed.
3.As the end of September, 2019, Taiwan Stock Exchange and Taipei Exchange have launched 24 roadshows in new southbound countries and called on 131 overseas Taiwanese companies in order to counseling overseas Taiwanese companies to list in Taiwan, and to expand our capital market.
4.As of the end of September 2019, there were 23 TWSE / TPEx/ ESM listed foreign companies operating mainly in New Southbound countries, all over Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.
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