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Disciplines and Sanctions

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Article 61 of the CPA Act provides as follows: A CPA to whom any of the following circumstances applies shall be subject to disciplinary proceedings:
i.Has received a final sentence for a crime, and the charge merits a determination that the reputation of CPAs has been harmed.
ii.Has been sanctioned by a tax collection authority for evading taxes, or for helping or instigating another person to do so, and the circumstances are serious in nature.
iii.Has committed a serious error or omission in attestation on a financial report or an income tax return filed by a profit-seeking enterprise.
iv.Has received an administrative sanction for a violation of another applicable law or regulation serious enough to affect the reputation of CPAs.
v.Has committed a serious violation of the articles of association of a CPA association.
vi.Has committed another serious violation of this Act.
And according to Article 62 of the CPA Act, Disciplinary actions and sanctions against CPAs are as follows:
i.An administrative fine of not less than NT$120,000 and not greater than NT$1.2 million.
ii.A warning.
iii.A reprimand.
iv.Suspension from practice for not less than two months and not more than two years.
● Disciplinary actions against CPA (2024-7-3) (xlsods)
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According to Article 37 of Securities and Exchange Act, if a CPA has made serious mistake or omission in the attestation of the financial reports, the FSC may impose any of the following sanctions:
ii.suspension from practicing any attestation under this Act for a period of two years.
iii.voidance of his/her attestation permission.
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