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FSC Launches “Sustainable Development Action Plans for TWSE- and TPEx-Listed Companies (2023)”

Based on the " Sustainable Development Guidemap for TWSE- and TPEx-Listed Companies " and the "Corporate Governance Roadmap," the FSC continues to encourage enterprises to actively practice sustainable development by planning an action plan to promote the sustainable development of the enterprise along the four key dimensions of "governance," "transparency," "digitalization" and "innovation." The focuses include:
I.    Lead listed companies to reach net-zero
A.    Disclose GHG reduction targets, strategies and action plans
Listed companies should disclose GHG reduction targets, strategies, and action plans in the next year after disclosing the GHG inventory.
B.    Establish GHG emission credit trading system
The FSC will assist Environmental Protection Administration in building emission credit trading system.
C.    Encourage companies to disclose scope 3 GHG emissions
The recommended disclosure items will be developed in 2023 with reference to international standards and domestic industry characteristics. Consider the the feasibility of mandatory disclosure will be discussed further.

II.    Deepen companies’ sustainable governance culture
A.    Increase female directors
By 2023, companies applying for IPO should appoint at least one female director. By 2024, all listed companies should appoint at least one female director. By 2025, if female directors account for less than 1/3 of the board, disclose the reason in the annual report. 
B.    Promote director candidates for nomination
By 2025, the election for directors of TPEx Emerging Stock Board companies should adopt the candidate nomination system.
C.    Reasonable compensation policy
Encourage listed companies to pay their executive compensation considering ESG performance through Corporate Governance Evaluation System. Consider the feasibility to require companies to report their director compensation to shareholders in the AGM.
D.    Encourage listed Co. to establish sustainable development committee
TWSE will publish the template of Sustainable Committee in 2023 for business reference. Consider the feasibility to require companies to establish sustainable development committee.

III.    Enhance the disclosure of sustainable information
A.    Enhance sustainable information disclosure in annual reports
In 2023, the annual report requirements will be reviewed with reference to international standards to improve sustainable information disclosure.
B.    Expand the scope of sustainability information disclosure
1.    By 2025, all listed companies should publish sustainability reports.
2.    By 2025, all listed companies should disclose their sustainability index based on their industry category..
C.    Enhance the quality of sustainable information
1.    Consider the feasibility to require listed companies to have third-party assurance on sustainable indicators.
2.    TWSE and TPEx will review listed companies sustainability reports from 2023.
3.    Formulate quality inspection standards for assurance institutions and disciplinary measures.
D.    Align with ISSB sustainability disclosure standards
Establish a Sustainability Standards Committee under Accounting Research and Development Foundation. Develop plans for future alignment with ISSB sustainability disclosure standards.

IV.    Strengthen communication with stakeholders
A.    Shorten the deadline for filing AGM’s agenda handbooks and annual reports
Listed companies with paid-in capital less than NTD 10 billion  are required to file the shareholders’ meeting agenda handbooks  30 days before AGM; the annual reports to be filed 14 days before AGM.
B.    Refine Investor Relations Platform
Provide institutional investors the function of preparing due diligence reports automatically.
C.    Encourage institutional investors to take collective engagements 
Collect best practices for collective engagements from other countries, and revise the Stewardship Code and rating criteria.

V.    Establishing ESG evaluation and ESG digitalization
A.    Establish Digital Platform
To assist listed companies in disclosing ESG-related information in a more efficient and standardized format, TWSE will establish a digital platform for sustainability reporting, which will be piloted in 2024.
B.    Establish ESG Database
To provide one-stop ESG information services, TWSE will build an ESG information platform and launch it in 2023.
C.    Create ESG evaluation 
The indicators of ESG evaluation will be completed in 2023, and the trial will be implemented in 2024.
D.    Compile ESG index
To diversify ESG-related commodities, the stock exchange will continue to discuss the compilation and release of ESG-related indices.
On March 14, 2023, the FSC convened a symposium with relevant parties and reach a consensus on enhancing the sustainable development action plan. Future iterations will be based on yearly analysis of global sustainable development and domestic operations trends.
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