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The FSC elected as board member of IFIAR

Actively participating in international organizations, the FSC run for and was successfully elected as IFIAR board member during 2019 IFIAR plenary meeting. Moving forward, the FSC will play a crucial role in the development of global audit oversight and key audit issues so as to enhance our global visibility.
IFIAR, formed in 2006, is the largest organization for audit supervisors to exchange experience. With its permanent secretariat office set up in Tokyo Japan, currently IFIAR has 55 members, including audit oversight authorities from EU countries, U.S., Australia, Canada and Asia neighboring countries such as Japan, Korea and Singapore. The FSC has joined IFIAR since 2008 as one of the charted members, actively involved in numerous IFIAR’s activities such as plenary meeting, inspection workshop, and enforcement workshop. Particularly, the FSC hosted 2015 IFIAR plenary meeting and Enforcement workshop in Taiwan. Deep engagement in IFIAR affairs gives us an advantage of grasping the trend of global audit oversight, which is of great help for us to form policies.
There are 16 members in IFIAR board, including eight nominated board members and elected board members respectively. Besides the FSC, the audit oversight authorities of Brazil, Greece and turkey are newly elected as board members. The FSC has done a lot of preparations for the election, including attending international meetings and seeking supports from members. Successfully elected as board member, the FSC will engage more in the international audit oversight affairs and join HRGC, the subcommittee under IFIAR, to enhance the audit quality and financial reporting transparency globally and domestically.
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