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2023 Q1 financial results of listed companies


A total of 1,774 listed companies are required to file 2023 Q1 financial reports by May 15, 2023. All listed companies have completed the filing except Lung Ming Green Energy Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. (code:3018), Unitel High Technology Co. (code:3642), Roo Hsing Co., Ltd. (code:4414), and Sheng Hua Entertainment Communication Co., Ltd. (code:4806). The domestic listed companies (885 TWSE- and 777 TPEx- listed companies) as a whole report NT$8,751.7 billion in total operating revenue for the three months ended March 31, 2023. The quarterly operating revenue of domestic listed companies ranked second highest in record despite a YOY decrease of NT$938.2 billion, compared to 2022. The total net profit before tax for the three months ended March 31, 2023 is NT$681.9 billion, which is a YOY decrease of NT$546.6 billion, or 44.49%, compared to 2022.

Among all the Exchange-listed companies, the main industries with a growing tendency in their net profit before tax are “Finance and Insurance”, “Communications and Internet”, and “Tourism”, and the domestic TPEx-listed companies are “Finance”, “Tourism”, and “Building Material and Construction”.
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