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Major Sanction

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Administrative Disposition Imposed on the Certified Public Accountants, Engaged to Provide Auditing the 2018 and 2019 Financial Report of Pharmally International Holding Co., Ltd.,

CPAs named Shi and Jiang, for violation of " Securities and Exchange Act ", thus sanctions have been given and imposed as 2 years-suspension from their services governed by Article 37 of the said Act from 1st, October 2020 until 30st, September 2022. 

Legal basis of the resolution 
Article 37, paragraph 3, of Securities and Exchange Act. 

Mr. Shi and Jiang, Certified Public Accountants, engaged to provide auditing the 2018 and 2019 financial report of Pharmally International Holding Co., Ltd., were found with following failures and violated related regulations: 1. Failed to properly perform bank confirmation procedures. 
2. Failed to perform appropriate audit procedures on the machine when there were some evidence showing that the machine have been pledged.
3. Failed to take appropriate action to the subsequently discovered information.
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