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Newsletter No007

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Newsletter No: 007

January 1, 2005

I. News and Events

1.Securities underwriting system reforms
2.Listing and GTSM listing system reforms
3.Amendments to the Criteria Governing Handling of Stock Affairs by Public Companies and the Rules Governing the Use of Proxies for Attendance at Shareholder Meetings of Public Companies
4.Measures in conjunction with the enforcement of the Securities Investment Trust and Consulting Act
5.Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) Raises Weight of Taiwan Index on 16 November
6.Taiwan Stock Exchange Corp. launches new indexes

II. Market Wrap-up

As of the end of November, 695 companies were listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, an increase of nine over the previous month. The total capital issued was NT$5,051.18 billion, an increase of NT$18.58 billion over the preceding month, and the market capitalization was NT$13,281.1 billion, an increase of NT$571.4 billion over the preceding month.

As of the end of November, 453 companies were listed on the GreTai Securities Market, a decrease of three against the previous month. The total capital issued was NT$606.81 billion, a decrease of NT$8.05 billion against the preceding month, and the market capitalization was NT$1,025 billion, a decrease of NT$102.63 billion against the previous month.

In November, the trading value of shares on the Taiwan Stock Exchange was NT$1,527.7 billion, a decrease of NT$109.4 billion over October, while the trading volume was 64.34 billion shares, an decrease of 7.13 billion shares compared with October.

As of the end of November, the accumulated net inward remittance of foreign investors was US$79.2 billion, an increase of US$4.1 billion over October. There are currently 147 securities firms, 23 futures commission merchants, 45 securities investment trust enterprises and 218 securities investment consulting enterprises.

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