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Business Overview 
 (2)Number of employees of Securities Services Providers (2020-02-18, xlsx, ods)
 (3)Operating Revenue and Expense of Securities Services Providers (2019-10-03, xlsx, ods)
 (6)The Operating Income and Expenses of Futures Enterprises (2019-08-12, xlsx, ods)
Key Indicators
 (1)The Shareholding  Ratio of Foreign Investors in Listed Companies on TWSE & TPEx (By Market Value) (2020-03-05, xlsxods)
Pledges of Shares of Directors, Supervisors and Major Shareholders Holding 10 Percent or More of a Securities
(1)Personal:The ratio of share pledging by directors, supervisors or major shareholders in excess of 50 percent (2020-02-12, xlsx, ods)
(2)General:The amount of shares held and the amount and average ratio of shares pledging by the securities firm's directors and supervisors (2020-02-12, xlsx, ods)
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